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Summer Fishing Season

When the heat is on, so are the fish. Book at trip for some summer fun.

Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass

Summer is also one of my favorite times to fish because there are so many different fish that are active, you can almost never go wrong on a summer trip. I also love to fish for giant largemouth and smallmouth bass. There are several lakes in the area that consistently produce largemouth bass over 20 inches on many fishing trips out, with bass over 5 lbs being common. If you're looking how to skip docks, jig fish, drop shot, fish a Carolina Rig, fish top water, Texas rig, jerk bait, or crank bait them, or fish slop, I will show you what will work and explain why and how. Catching big small mouth bass is one of my favorite fish species to fish for here in Wisconsin!


Monster Muskies

My love for fishing does not stop at any certain specie of fish, and one of the most challenging freshwater fish is the Musky. I love the challenge of these fish, and there are some very big muskies here in the southern part of Wisconsin. I typically spend a lot of my time fishing the Waukesha county lakes for Muskies Pewaukee Lake, and Ockachee Lake are great lakes for big muskies and good numbers of muskies. I will help educate you on when, where, and how to use certain musky baits such as: Top water, Buck tails, Jerk Baits, Glide Baits, Soft Plastics such as swim baits, speed trolling and live bait rigging with big suckers. If you're looking for the hardest fish to catch consistently put in the boat and the most challenging then a Musky is your fish.


Summer is a great time to fish for walleyes. If you're looking to learn how to fish with crank baits, plainer boards, or troll snap weights, fish with lead core, live bait rig, slip bobber fish or jig fish, I will show you what works for me. 

Northern Pike

I spend a good portion of my summer taking clients pike fishing here on numerous Wisconsin lakes. These fish are always feeding and put up a great fight! These are great fish for kids to catch because they a good sized and usually plentiful. Northern Pike are also much under rated and are great to eat; we encourage catch and release of Large Northern Pike or muskies.

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